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Acrylic Bender[MANIX]

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Acrylic Bender[MANIX]


  • Professional acrylic bender for model builders and designers.
  • Ensures perfect straight bending of various acrylic plastic.
  • Safe with limit switch and infrared rays heat.


  • Heating capacity of width : 570mm
  • Heating opening : 5-15mm
  • Heating : infrared rays
  • Power : Single phase 100,115,220,240V
  • input 350W
  • Dimensions : 680 x 160 x 100mm
  • Weight : 5.0kg 

MANIX Co., Ltd. Is a major supplier to the education market, and as a major supplier of CNC machines into industry, MANIX provides you with qualified tools at affordable prices. We provide warranties on all tools, many of them carry a lifetime warranty.

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